Oak Salon offers good services in our barber shop, hair salon and tattoo shop. So once you visit our salon, you would always enjoy coming again. We want you to look good, so enjoy the fun of our services by checking out our website.
Veluwehaven 29, 3433 PW Nieuwegein, Nederland
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Getting you back in style

Welcome to the official website of Oak Salon, an authentic barbershop and hair salon based in Utrecht.

OAK Salon is the home of every cool and nice barbing style, so it is the place for the latest hair design. Our friendly nature is loved by many, so we always receive positive feedback about our interesting place of work. We have great level of experience that has enabled us to be the favorite barbershop in Utrecht.



We help gentlemen and boys to experience the best of hair design, haircut, facial treatment and every other design that you so desire.


The best of hair treatment, hair painting, wave, and haircut is available for women, kids, and ladies. Our salon helps to improve scalp nourishment and the needed hair strengthening.


The major tattoo styles are available at our service, and that which is trendy and contemporary can easily be obtained at our salon.

"The friendly environment is actually what I admire most, it is a nice place."


"It's a great place to visit, the level of attention paid to my haircut was great."

Our barbers and hair stylists are at your service for any haircut or new hair design you need.
For more information, just give us a call.

Gentleman Classic Haircut


The Gentleman Classic Haircut is for that person in need of an exquisite look without much designs or extras included.

Student Classic Haircut


We put into consideration the need to give students that unique student-look at a price that would be favorable to students. Bring your student pass.

Kids Classic Haircut


This haircut is strictly for kids, and we provide a friendly environment for kids with a price that portrays our love for kids.

Super Contour (hairline)


We do contour/hairline at an affordable price, enabling you to have that smart look that you desire.

Golden Full Treatment


Getting a full treatment is actually a preferred option for many, as our full treatment includes haircut, beard trimming/shaving as well as facial steam.

Haircut & beard trimming


Enjoy the service of a classic haircut and the required trimming for a beard that would showcase the special care you have towards your facial look.

Haircut & shaving


Get a classic haircut and a complete shave at a friendly price. We understand the difference that a shave has on you.

Haircut + design (gents)


Do you have a new style or design you want to try out?

Haircut, wash & dry


Females can get the required haircut, hair wash and hair dry at Oak Salon, and this is also made possible at a great price.

Hair painting


We have a stylish hair painting procedure, and with a starting price of €30, our clients can receive the required hair painting that would be a great display of what they love.



Clients can experience a great touch of excellence in our hair relaxing service.

Keratin Treatment


Experience a great reduction in hair dry time with our keratin treatment.


Our barbers are at your service for any haircut or new hair design you need!

Veluwehaven 29

+31 30 259 3041



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